Save Glasgow’s Green Space
Join us on Sat 18th June 12pm – 3pm
outside iCafe Merchant City
less than a week left to object

Join us in objecting to plans to build housing on this site which would see our beloved trees cut down and our vision for a positive green space in the Merchant City destroyed. Make your voice heard!!!

Creating a place for People and Nature

  • SAVING the Trees as a basis for connection with our natural green world and biodiversity
  • SAVING the fine Mural artwork, admired by locals, visitors and worldwide tourists alike
  • BUILDING a community, with attractive venue to meet friends, neighbours, visitors and have chance encounters; to read, relax and refresh
  • Boost health, wellbeing and ease loneliness
  • Children, family and dog friendly environment
  • Carbon and vehicle pollutants mitigation, with local climate control and rain water drainage
  • Attract custom and tourists to businesses at a green destination space in solid building line 
  • Site for local fairs, markets and entertainment
  • Room for a Miyawaki style mini urban forest 
  • Space to build an active travel Mobility Hub
  • Potential for educational installations referring to slave trade recognition, Covid-19 pandemic
  • Opportunity for resident planting and upkeep
  • Assembly point for City Halls (&OFM) patrons

In their own words…

Foreword ‘acute need to radically improve public space for both people and nature,’     (p59) Strategic approach 
Create a network of high quality public open spaces (City Development Plan)

“..making Glasgow the best place to raise a family, to start a business, to live a good life – …to attract more individuals and families, …surrounded by great public spaces with easy access to nature,”

Councillor Susan Aitken, City Centre Living Strategy Foreword

.. the prize of “green space for all”  

“.. if we don’t respond to the climate emergency now, the cost later, .., will be so much higher.”

“.. done well every pound spent on these interventions will also deliver multiple benefits..”Council Leader Susan Aitken, The Herald on Sunday 12/09/21


To create a Park in the Merchant City district of Glasgow by converting what is currently a Car Park with twenty mature trees and a world famous mural into a green space for the benefit of the Community and visitors alike.

Read more about our vision in a recent article in The Herald’s Agenda column.

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